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We offer to match any competitors price. Simply send us a paid invoice from a competitor within the past year and we will adjust our prices for your individual request.

If you need a combination of tests please call us for possible reduced pricing. We offer quicker and guaranteed turnaround times for additional fees determined by the test type. Contact us for special offers and quoted times to receive your results.




Food Analysis

Food Analysis
  Alcohol Content  $80.00
  API Bacterial Species Determination  $25.00
  Bacillus Cereus  $25.00
  Clostridium  $25.00
  E. Coli MPN  $15.00
  Enterococcus  $25.00
  Listeria  $30.00
  Milk Fat IR  $4.00
  Moisture  $15.00
  Other Solids IR  $4.00
  ph  $5.00
  Protein IR  $4.00
  Protein Meat  $15.00
  Protein-Other Solids Butterfat  $5.00
  Pseudomonas  $25.00
  Salmonella  $30.00
  Standard Plate Count  $10.00
  Staphylococcus  $20.00
  Thermophilic Bacteria  $15.00
  Total coliform and E. Coli  $25.00
  Yeast and Mold  $10.00
Pickup Charge
Consulting (per hour)